Hello Everyone,

My name is sumeet. I love developing apps and software. i have been developing apps since 2 years. On my journey of learning software development i would often find so many useful and interesting things that i would feel like i should write it down somewhere. Because if you don’t take notes of what you are learning you may probably forget what you learned someday. I also feel an urge to share my experiences with other developers so that they can also benefit from it.

This is how this website was born. This website was born out of my desire to take note of what i was learning. I wanted to organize everything in one place so that it would become a good learning resource for myself and even for other people.

Not everything that exist on this website would be suitable for beginner. although i love teaching but right now i don’t find enough time to truly write for beginners. Also i do not want to waste time writing about things which are already available on the web. There are a lot of good courses and resources for beginners on the web.