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The composer and the Singer Relationship

The composer of the Rhythm (Female Energy)

The Singer of the Rhythm (Male Energy)


The mechanims in nature

Intended Usage and Degeneration of Mechanisms



Best Practices for Software Development

Thread lifecycle and concurrent access

– Sequential program Access

– Event Based

– Non-Blocking call

– Services (Execution not tied to the UI Lifecycle)


Software Development Patterns

Function Programming -> Object Oriented Programming



Static Behaviour and Dynamic Behaviour in Software

The mechanism and the Services



Connect to ADB Over Wi-fi

Best practices for Android Development

Inspirational apps [study and learning]

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Best android tutorials on the web

Android Studio Useful Shortcuts


Types of screens in android

– Data Input

– Detail views

– Menu

– Dialogs

– Bottomsheets



Inter fragment communication




Colors in Android

Extract colors from Images

Best Libraries in Android Development

Fragments in Android and inter fragment communication


app design trends in Android


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Ghost blog installation

Discourse Installation



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