A more user friendly Content Moderation Policy

We have a strict no Content deletion policy. That means we do not delete and lock any question and answer unless they fall into few well defined categories.

No question or answer will be deleted unless they fall in the following listed defined cases.

  1. Abusive or disrespectful to the other members [according to the democratic sentiments]
  2. Illegal or causes violation of law according to the jurisdiction where our website is based.
  3. The delete is requested by the user who posted it.
    In this situation the allowance of delete will be governed by the copyright laws, and the context and situation and such cases will be handled on case by case basis.

Your question may be transferred to another category which will be done based on the community sentiments and community opinion a democratic opinion of the users.

The issue with Latest Question Feed:

Having a no content deletion policy will result into a problem where so called low quality questions will pass through the latest questions feed. And hence will provide bad experince for the experienced develoeprs who do not wish to see these low quality questions in their Latest Feed.

Thefore the website needs to provide a feed filtering feature and a default filter for the feed.
This feature allows users to filter the feed according to the categories. Only the questions from the categories you have selected will make into your latest questions feed.

The default setting of the filters will allow users to see only good quality questions in their latest feed. The users can change this setting to include from various others categories also thereby enabling and allowing the so called “Low quality” questions into their feed.

Some people do not bother reading and answering low quality questions. For such people they could disable the filters and allow all the low quality questions to pass into their feed.

This will result into a more democratic way to moderate a forum or a community such that both the parties can be satisfied without requiring any compromise to be made by any one of one party.

How to deal with repeated question:

The repeated question which is not properly researched will automatically be ignored by the community so we don’t have to worry about its existence. A question is asked by the asker because he might have failed to obtain the solution from the previous answers.

The good way to deal with a seemingly repeated question would be to simply provide the asker with the links to the similar previous questions. And if that does not satisfy him, he may wish to ask for more explanation in the areas where he needs more support and guidance.

Benefits of “A No Content Deletion Policy”

It will benefit the users who use search for searching for the content.
When using the search we as users lot of times encounter a situation where the question which solves our problem exists but unfortunately is locked due to various reasons.

Sometimes, even if the question is marked as low quality by many users it might still be considered useful by many others and this question may truly benefit these folks.
New users often do not have the ability to ask the so called good questions. Because the understanding of new users is not matured. And hence they are bound to feel helpless and forced to ask a more immature or so called low quality question.

Locking the questions by new users is like banning the children from an adult workplace simply because children can and will disturb adults.

Well yeah, children can surely disturb adults. But as adults it is also our responsibility to take care of the children and hence just because dealing with children can be a little bit of an extra overhead or a challenge for few people should not imply we get rid of children from the places where adults delve.

Adults should be able to accept the responsibility and willing to bear the nuisance caused by the children and deal with it in a more friendly and healthy way.

Similarly, when a newbie asks an immature question should not provoke an adult developer to an extent to suggest locking the question or deleting the question. Adult developers should be willing to take the burden of educating the younger generation of developers. Because after all by educating our children and educating younger generation of developers you are doing a good service for the society. You can die in peace that you have provided good education to younger generations so that they can better take care of the society and do a good job in managing the regular affairs of the society.

As our Commitment to ensure the integrity and commitment to our purpose in future. We also declare that

When this website grows and require a full time administration. This website and the forum will be registered as a Nonprofit Organisation and will be managed by the employees of this nonprofit.

Therefore all the contribution you will make in building this forum will go towards the growth of the Nonprofit Organisation.
And it will not be watered down and compromised by the biased commercial interests of the commercial organisations.