Best Libraries for android Development

Standard Essential Libraries

These are some of the De-Facto standard libraries which are Essential for development in any Android app Project.

Rx-Java and Rx-Android

Link [Rx-Java] :
Link [Rx-Android] :

Rx: Which Stands for Reactive Programming is one of the most popular upcoming trends in the development. Reactive Programming is every where. We have reactive programming in JavaScript also and many languages are adapting to support reactive programming. Rx-Java was born out of the development efforts in Netflix. As an attempt to scale their Video distribution Service Netflix engineers created Rx-Java as a solution to solve some of their Issues and Problems with scaling. Rx-Java solves your asynchronous programming needs. You can replace your Asynctasks with simple and easy to understand Rx-Java code.

Picasso, Glide [ Image Loaders ]

Link :
Link [Glide] :

Picasso and Glide are one of the best and the most Essential Image Loading Libraries for the Android.




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One of the quintessential library for android Development. It helps you remove the boiler plate for Binding Views using annotations like @BindView instead of using .findViewByID() functions. It also help you to bind click Listeners for your UI components.

Dagger 2 for Dependency Injection

Link :

Dagger 1 was started as a project at Square Inc. Google own internal team of Developers joined in the development Efforts to give rise to revised version named Dagger 2.

Dagger 2 uses annotations instead of Reflection for injecting Dependencies. This helps in improving Performance and Provide many other benefits. Dagger 2 is Termed as one of the fastest and most efficient Dependency Injection Library for Java at present. Dagger 2 is an Annotation based dependency Injector, which is notably popular because of its ability to generate errors and validate errors in Compile time. Unlike Guide Dagger 2 would let you know your possible Errors in Compile Time instead of Run time. It wars you of your erros in advance so that your application dont end up failing up at run time.

Stetho  – for analyzing Sqlite Database Schematic for Content Providers

Other Useful LIbraries

MP-Chart Android Library :sunny: for Drawing Graphs, Bar Chart, Pie Charts, Line Charts

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