Simple Guide to begin your career in Software

Published By Sumeet Moray,

If you are newbie who is just entering into a new developer career. Or you are a experienced developer having few years of experience. You may find this article useful. You can use it as a checklist to improve your existing career or a guide to begin your career for a new developer.

Your Github profile

Github profile is something you should have even if you are not looking for a job. Github is a community of developers where you can share your code with others. Github hosts one of the best and most popular software projects like angular js, bootstrap, retrofit (android library), butterknife (android library), Picasso (Image loading library for android). Joining Github give you a sense of being a part of developer community and this will provide a great source of inspiration and motivation for learning software development.

So make a github profile, start contributing to the projects and even start your own projects.

A mature github profile which shows some genuine work and contribution can help you a lot in your developer career and even help you get a job. These days employers have started looking at your github profile and they consider it a primary source of judging you and evaluating you. So if you want to become a software developer you cant imagine not having a github profile.

Start your Blog or website

If you are a developer and you love your job its is very likely that your mind is filled with new ideas and useful tips tricks that you wish to share with other developers. Most likely you already have a blog. Or if not then why are you waiting ? As a developer its always good to maintain a blog where you share your thoughts and ideas, this blog will help you socialise with the developer community. In future this blog will also serve as your identity where organisations and people can meet you, find you and get to know you through your blog.

Most likely you already have a blog if not then please create a new blog. In order to create a new blog make sure to get a good domain name. So Register your own domain. and host your own website. It will give a more better impression. Creating a new blog is easy. One of the easiest way to setup your blog is using WordPress or Ghost blogging software. Dont use Go-daddy hosting, it is for non developer community. Being a developer try using Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean is for developers it will give you some professional experience also.

Install Linux or Ubuntu and setup your development Environment

Most the developers can survive being a developer without learning linux. But it will truly benefit if you take some pain and try to setup your development environment on linux. Setting up development on linux is more painful but worth the pain and efforts.

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