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Tutorials For Java Development

Tutorials for Android Development

Useful resources for android Development


Tutorials For Java Development

Java Brains [ For Java Development]

Link to Youtube Channel :

Link to Website :

Java Brains is a youtube channel which teaches you Enterprise Java Development.

Java Brains is not a tutorial for Android. It is a tutorial for Java Development. If you are looking for Tutorials of developing the Java Back-end this tutorial will help. Very good and best rated tutorials. Easy to understand and freely available.

Tutorials by Jackob Jenkov [ For Java Development ]

Link :

Easy to understand / comprehend. No frills tutorials for learning Java which provides good and deep understanding of Java and also some more help about learning Enterprise Java.

Tutorials for Android Development

CodePath Android Guides [ Cliff Notes]

[One of the best tutorials for learning profession / Expert Android Development available on the Web. ]

Link :

For beginners and Experienced Developers both. This tutorial is something which beginners can easily comprehend and even experienced android developers will find this tutorial useful.

From my personal experience, these tutorials are one of the best guidance Available for Learning professional Android Development.

Android Hive

Link :

Very good tutorials for android beginners. In depth and clear and simple and easy to understand tutorials for learning Android.

Grokking Android Blog

Link :

Contains very good tutorials on content providers, sync providers and android in General.

Styling Android Blog                                                                                                                  

Link :   

Contains very good tutorials on Constraint Layouts



Useful resources for android Development

Material Palatte


If you are having trouble choosing Colors for your Material Theme. This is the site you need to checkout !

Material Icons

Link :

Free to use. Official Icons for Android Development licensed under Creative Commons / Public Domain. You can download this icon in PNG format or SVG vector image format.

Googles Official Design Site

Link :

Googles official design website

Official Android Developers Blog

Link :

Official Blog for android Development. keep yourself updated with latest official updates in the android development.

Android Arsenal : Directory of Android Libraries

Link :

This site, is a directory of android libraries published across the web. You can find lot of new and interesting android libraries here. You can explore trending libraries at this site. If you have any special needs there might be a library for your need. Check out this directory !!

Material Up : Web Magazine on Material Design

Link 1 :  | Link 2 :

Check out New and upcoming design trends in android development. Particularly trends in Material Design.

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